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do not want to learn,veste barbour, to relax the ideological transformation " "Cadres do not read or read little, cause a decline in the overall quality of party and government cadres.< p>

but Jiang Zunyu only as a typical, was accidentally pushed into the public eye. For leading cadres to study the problem, the general secretary Xi Jinping has stressed on several occasions, leading cadres should strengthen reading and study, to love reading,piumini moncler, read good books,abercrombie soldes, index.php, good reading. These caveats, reading and study of leading cadres put forward specific demands. "Leading cadres should love reading, read good books,http: eye.catfood.jp kousin5 apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=40 , good reading, in order to truly become experts, professional and leadership to be able to better qualified job requirements." Professor, South China University of Politics and Administration On the side to accept the "Outlook" Newsweek He deemed reporters. "While we can not require that each leading cadres Shoubushijuan become scholar-officials, but some leading cadres do not read the phenomenon is definitely not normal." On the square he said. Reading is not optimistic Since ancient times,?mod=viewthread&tid=329887, the Chinese nation is a disseminated scholarly people, not only the "chisel the wall to steal light", "capsule firefly xue",,abercrombie and fitch paris, "cantilever Cigu" story spread so far, more "beautiful woman in the book," "belly poetry and gas from China "," people do not read, it still Night "and other famous very familiar reading. In ancient China,zanotti homme, officials familiar with most of his childhood classics, history, children, set,zanotti pas cher, after studying hard by years of entry into official.< p>

coterie,scarpe hogan outlet, the selection is not based on test scores and performance,doudoune, but speak patron, factions and tickets, the pursuit of progress will force some officials are not put energy into learning and On reading, but on mixed circle, looking for leadership on the backing and some investment preferences of various speculative market skills. "Leaders do not read, the main causes is the 'Useless' foreign 'busy' is also an excuse." said, "sacked corrupt officials from a number of cases of view, they is not no time to read, but the time spent in a dishonest and some sacked officials often say that when repentance: reluctant to read.< p>

in order to achieve personal ambitions rule the world. Tang Dynasty, reading the wind is all over hand. Emperor once said,escarpins louboutin, "Taking history as a mirror, we can rise and fall,2014 Scarpe Hogan," he warned Baiguan read history books. Tang Dynasty writer Han Yu also said that "person can man,peuterey sito ufficiale, the abdominal poetry and literature." While the Tang era courage Yang Cheng, known for plain speaking, "studious, poor can not get the book, it is seeking to write into the Jixian officials,?mod=viewthread&tid=564806, steal officer the chance to read it, not day and night. After six years, then nothing unreasonable" , passed for the historical stories. "Reading Slim,giuseppe zanotti homme, cultivate the mind, has always been a politician of literacy required course." Qishan Hong Nankai an interview with reporters, said that Chinese people known as "live to old to learn" reading tradition. In official circles, also known as "certainly excellent learning Shi" traditional elegance. "Things have become, will learn something is; have achieved, will be read have income." In Qishan Hong opinion,doudoune pjs, the current China to deepen reform, accelerate development and improve people's livelihood very difficult task, which requires leading cadres continue reading to enhance their skills,hogan outlet scarpe, so as to take on the governing and rejuvenating the country, governing for the people of the important responsibilities. However, the current leading cadres overall situation is not optimistic reading. 2014,nike sneakers, the Central Party School "Leaders read Survey research" group at the Central Party School conducted a reader survey the situation at the school trainees. The survey, for the leading cadres to study the situation at present, 71% of learners "general", 17% evaluation "good", 1% evaluation "very good", 11% evaluated "poor",moncler outlet online, 1% learners' very difference. " Certainly less than 20% held a positive attitude. General Secretary Xi Jinping urged leading cadres at all levels especially when in May 2014 in Shanghai to study: "To guard against impetuous, with some more time to study meditation,2014 Scarpe Hogan, meditation thinking, take the initiative to accelerate the updating of knowledge.< p>

optimize the knowledge structure, so that when it does not own any dry, intellectual inexhaustible. " "Busy" often become an excuse The reporter found that some leading cadres do not read, it's time limited, busy with work, entertainment and more on the surface, but in fact there are deeper reasons. "In some economically underdeveloped areas, many cadres shoulder the heavy task, they too much stress in my brain is investment. There are a number of government agencies to promote 'two eyes opened, busy lights' work, It also allows some leading cadres have no time to read. "Qishan Hong said. "More importantly, many of the leading cadres and not a profound understanding of the close relationship between modern leadership activities and reading to learn." he said, "Reading is a little bit of accumulation in the invisible, literacy also a little improvement. Many leading cadres do not and the need to understand the benefits of reading, there is no sense of urgency to study. " "In the Chinese officialdom, leading cadres speeches mostly do it by the Secretary and the writing team, things professional fields to expert advice, even if the usual decision-making mistakes, too few people are accountable. Cadres at work, busy complete look have to see the task, and by reading this thing slowly nurtured an effect,?mod=viewthread&tid=1300390, it rarely as their mission. "Qishan Hong said," Of course,?mod=viewthread&tid=12569914,chaussure zanotti, if the atmosphere is not correct officialdom, leading cadres busy to socializing, busy for the maintenance of their networks, fearing the impact because reading promotion. " Researchers at the National School of Administration Hu Xianzhi view, if the prevalence of nepotism officialdom.< p>






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